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Routine Care

We offer visits for annual wellness exams (preventative

care), sports physicals, pre-employment exams, tele-visits, sick visits,

referrals, and other administrative purposes. We also provide childhood

and adulthood immunizations. We have an on-site lab available for our

patients' convenience.  We offer on-site ultrasounds; these

include but are not limited to the abdomen, aorta, carotid artery,

thyroid, renal arteries, and pelvis.  We also offer a

non-invasive peripheral venous study. 

Disease Diagnosis & Management

We treat a wide range of conditions and diseases related

to all major organ systems including but not limited to  

cardiovascular health, endocrine systems, dermatology,

orthopedics, psychiatry, gynecology, infectious disease,

respiratory, urology, mental health, ADD/ADHD, and

weight management. 


Our policy on written prescriptions and refills is 

designed to adhere to the highest standards of medical

care.  We prescribe medications to improve your health;

nevertheless, all drugs carry risks. We monitor our patients'

responses to prescribed medications while minimizing risk

whenever possible.  Each written prescription will include

the amount of medication (plus refills) that we judge to be

safe, reasonable, and medically prudent. Any refills beyond the

originally prescribed amount will require an office visit.  

Long-term medication will be prescribed on a monitored 

long-term schedule. Short-term or higher-risk 

medications will be more restricted.


Monday – Friday:

8am – 5:30pm CT


Lunch hours (office closed):

12pm – 1:30pm CT

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